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Verse By Other Means


Marius Kociejowski's The Water Clock has long been a touchstone of mine, if you will permit that feel-good word in this discussion; just that I have not always followed its quiet injunction to only pursue 'what truly matters', far from it. Yes, forget the mild depiction of the poem as a 'touchstone' and substitute 'wagging finger', and we get closer to how the poem affects me now and then; and how, sometimes, I would not mind seeing the poet left to the tender mercies of a dark alley. In any case, I expect, in coming days, to expand this page and include other poems by other poets, even if Kociejowski should object.


Gabriel Levin
Marius Kociejowski
Eric Ormsby
Michael Glover
Michael Harris
 Daryl Hine
C. F. Ryal
 C.H. Sisson
Amanda Jernigan
Christopher Middleton

James Sutherland-Smith

Grant Buday

Charlotte Melançon

Antoine P Boisclair

Robert Melançon
Marko Sijan
Geoff Cook
Lawrence Earl
Carmine Starnino
Don McGrath