Published April 06 2020    Biblioasis Press 

Excerpt from the poem "Starling Nation"

Such a ruckus in the maples,
Such bone-rattling chorusing
Those starling chortlers were making
In the hollows of my ears:
A scene out of Wagner, out of something mad,
A world before humankind, Jurassic parliament,
The sun the earliest god.

And then in an instant they were gone, —
They’d advanced in their swarms, in their murmurations
To other objectives, other trees, other neighbourhoods.
A pair of jays inherited the silence
While a crow lumbered from branch to branch,
The instigator perhaps, heckler shouted down.
And I was no wiser than before, but I was humbled:
What fear in those creatures, what deep-ranging response
To all that would undo their starling nation.


Feb 2019  The Manchester Review (UK)   Issue 21 Poetry 

Three Poems by Norm Sibum

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Oct 2013:     Excerpt: 'The Traymore Rooms' by Norm Sibum


2013      Montreal photograper Leslie Schachter did a wonderful photo essay, set in Norm's "office" at Nikas Greek Restaurant on Sherbrooke Street, NDG, in Montreal     

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from The Porcupine's Quill:    Girls and Handsome Dogs (2011)

‘He creates a very original kind of dialectic between present and past, in which each illuminates and penetrates the other ... there is in his approach none of that bright post-modern cynicism that makes everything grist to the solipsistic mill of the present.’              
—Poetry Nation